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Synthonix was founded in North Carolina in 2003 to provide highly useful synthons and building blocks to the drug discovery and materials industry. The challenge of creating useful molecules with broad applications is what drives our team. Everyone with a hood can do simple chemistry; lately, it seems like everyone does. This forces us to develop unique products, many of which are not available anywhere else, that are highly valuable to synthetic chemists. Please browse our site to discover just how unique and valuable our products could be to your organization.

CAS 18523-47-2 (3-Azidopropanic acid)CAS 54447-68-6 (4-Azidobutyric acid)CAS 79598-53-1 (6-Azidohexanoic acid)CAS 88192-19-2 (3-Azidopropyl-1-amine)CAS 349553-73-7 (6-Azidohexan-1-amine )
CAS 6773-29-1 (1,3-Dimethyl 2-diazopropanedioate)CAS 2009-97-4 (Ethyl 2-diazo-3-oxobutanoate)CAS 29397-21-5 (3-Diazopentane-2,4-dione)CAS 6111-99-5 (Ethyl 2-diazopropanoate)CAS 22979-35-7 (Methyl diazophenylacetate)
CAS 1145881-09-9 (2,2,6,6-Tetramethylpiperidinylzinc chloride lithium chloride complex, 1.0M in THF)CAS 206446-38-0 (1-t-Butoxycarbonylazetedin-3-ylzinc iodide, 0.50 M in THF)CAS 807618-13-9 ((1-tert-butoxycarbonyl-4-piperidyl)zinc iodide, 0.5M in THF)CAS 1236862-60-4 (1-t-Butoxycarbonylazetidin-3-ylmethylzinc iodide 0.5M in THF)CAS 51656-70-3 ((2-tert-butoxy-2-oxo-ethyl)zinc bromide, 0.50 M in THF)